5 Simple Camping Hacks

We already know that camping is fun but some great camping hacks can also reduce your effort and costs. We have found five of our favourite ideas that you can try out on your next camping adventure. 

Toilet Paper Roll Hack

Who doesn’t like dry toilet paper? This handy idea takes a little upcycling of an empty coffee can.

Toilet Paper Camping Hack

photo source: Pinterest


Tin Foil Mini Eggs

Campers always have aluminium foil packed. Here is a great idea for frying up some eggs on the grill.

Fried Eggs for Camping

photo source: Pinterest

Table Top Fire Pot

Make your own small table top fire pot with a clay pot. Add some aluminum foil and charcoal to a terra cot pot and you’re ready to roast up some marshmallows.

Table Top Fire Pot

 photo source: Pinterest

6 Pack Cutlery Station

Save and repurpose that six pack holder for a handy place to keep your napkins and plastic cutlery. 

6 Pack Cutlery Station

 photo source: Pinterest

Pots and Pan Hanger

If you have an old belt around the house you may want to give this camping hack a try.

pots and pan hanger

 photo source: Pinterest


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