The next time you plan a family vacation, consider taking the kids camping. There are many opportunities that can be gained from spending time outdoors. After all, it’s fun, and is much more entertaining than the latest video game. Camping can provide a great family experience that the kids won’t soon forget. 

5 Reasons To Take Your Kids Camping

Camping Helps Your Kids Disconnect

Today’s kids are surrounded by technology. They often spend more time watching television and playing video games than they spend exploring the outdoors. Camping can show the kids that the real world is much more fun than sitting on a couch watching the latest movie. The kids get to experience things in the real world and leave the fantasy land of video games behind. 

Camping Teaches Your Kids About Nature

climbing-treeWhen kids are a part of nature, they learn to respect nature. They notice more of what is going on in the world around them. Kids also learn that exploring their outdoor environment can lead to exciting finds. Whether they discover beach glass or an unexpected insect crawling by, they develop a better understanding of Mother Earth.

Why Kids Need to Spend Time in Nature

Camping Is All About Fresh Air

jump-outdoorsExercise is a healthy choice, and spending time outdoors in fresh clean air is just what the doctor ordered. Camping is an affordable way to get your kids outside and exercising. Whether they are swimming, hiking or just exploring, there will be exercise involved. No couch potato time! Camping provides that extra dose of Vitamin D that we all need.

The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children

  Camping Teaches Your Kids New Skills


campfire-cookingThere are many skills that children learn when they’re camping that they are not likely to experience in their own backyard. How to start a campfire, campfire safety, and safety near the water are a few important survival skills that can help keep them safe in a dangerous situation.

Cooking outdoor on a campfire. Toasting a marshmallow that remains crisp on the outside and yummy gooey on the inside. They will learn that food doesn’t have to come in a box or be popped into the microwave. They will learn how to make do with less. These are important life skills and can be passed along to another generation. 

Camping allows kids to be creative and encourages old-fashioned play. Outdoor experiences build confidence and self-esteem. 

Camping Strengthens Relationships

Camping is a wonderful opportunity for family bonding. Without all of the daily distractions of home, you can really get to know your kids better during a camping trip. They will also get to know you better. There is time to talk about everything when the television is off and the phones are packed away.

When you are camping chances are that your kids will meet other children and their families. They will soon build quick friendships as they learn to explore together. 

Camping creates wonderful memories for your kids that they will carry with them for life. They are not likely to recall that weekend spent in front of the television. However, they will easily recall their time and experiences camping.

10 Tips For Camping With Kids

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