If you haven’t gone camping in some time then you may want to consider it as your next getaway. Camping is an affordable option that provides an opportunity for you and the family to reconnect with nature. The most successful camping vacations have one thing in common…they are well planned.

Tips For A Happy Family Camping Trip

Choose your camping location.boy-child-fun-beach-lake

Research camping destinations based on your wants and needs. Do you want to spend time near the water or perhaps close to off-site activities and events? Review the campground’s website, and be sure to check out customer reviews. If you have specific questions contact them through their social platforms and get some of those questions answered before you book. The internet is the best resource for your search. Knowing what you can expect to find at your chosen location is a major step towards happy camping.

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 Organize, organize, organize!checklist

You can never be too organized. A successful family camping trip takes some careful planning. It’s a great idea to use a checklist to get and stay organized!

Camping Checklist
Must Pack Camping Supplies
Family Camping Checklist                                                                    

Study the campground map and surrounding area.

Most campgrounds have websites that include a site map of the facilities. Becoming familiar with this before your trip will help you feel more comfortable with your surroundings when you arrive. It is also helpful to study the areas surrounding the campground. Are there stores nearby or perhaps activities that your family may enjoy? Search online tourism information about the location you choose.

 Plan for a rainy day.game dice

Mother nature doesn’t always co-operate. However, having a rainy day plan can really make a bad weather day a lot more fun! 

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Remember safety products.

Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit, sunscreen and insect repellent. Check to make sure that your food coolers are clean and in good repair before it’s time to pack. 

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